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"After green kc wrapped my water tank and pipes i can finally turn on my hot water and it be hot!!!  I've been here 12 years and always had to wait but not now.  Thank you so much for the advise and the great job you did. This small thing was a bid deal. Much appreciated."

Rebecca Weddle, Piper, Ks

I thought i had lousy windows. Had a window guy come out and quote me 12k on 11 windows.  After my initial sticker shock i decided to get a second opinion.  Scott checked my windows for drafts and found that only 4 of my 11 were leaking and the others could most likely be fixed by caulking on the outside.  I saved over $8,500 thanks to you guys.  Thank you for your honesty when i didnt know which way to turn.

Randall Yount, St Joseph, Mo

Green Kc is a direct map to the energy loss in your home. I wasted hundreds of dollars on energy consultations before finding this company.  They came out and shot me straight and didnt take my head off with a price. Ive seen savings between 17%- 24% since my protection system was installed. I would recommend to anyone who has a problem and wants it solved correctly.

Ray B, Piper, Ks

I'm saving over 20% on my utility bills and my garage is now comfortable enough i can finally go out and use my workshop. Would recommend to anyone looking to insulate there garage doors.  Huge difference.

Randy Tarka, Leawood,KS

"The installers were very professional. They wore pads on there shoes so i didnt have to worry about my carpet which was nice.  Completed the job and went over everything with me before they left to make sure i was satisfied.  My home hasnt felt this nice in 20 years."

Dorothy W, Mission Hills,KS

"Had Green KC out to inspect my home. Did a interesting audit i really learned alot. Very professional. 100% class. Guy climbed in my attic wearing dress pants and a tie. WOW.  Would recommend to anyone looking for a honest assessment on there homes energy efficiency and what they can do if they need help."

Paul H, Overland Park,Ks

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